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Evaluation Process

Evaluation policies of theory courses:M

Assessment criteria and marks distribution for assessing students of the department of Architecture of World University of Bangladesh is provide below (applicable for lecture courses):

Basic Percentage of Marks
Two Surprise Quiz 10%
One Midterm 30%
Term Assignment 10%
Attendance & Class Performance 10%
Final Examination (written) 40%
Total = 100%


Surprise Quiz test: Surprise quiz test has been introduced to keep the attendance of the students high. These also help the students to study the covered topics in the classroom regularly.  One surprise quiz test has been taken prior to midterm after conducting sufficient lectures and another surprise quiz test has been taken between the mid-term and final examination.

Midterm: One midterm is taken after delivering 18-20 lectures. It is a written examination of 1 hour 30 minutes duration.

Term Assignment: Term assignment is given individually or in group which students need to submit prior to their final examination.

Attendance & Class Performance: Students are required to maintain at least 60% attendance to be eligible to sit for the final examination.

Final Examination: Final examination weighs 40% of the total marks. It is a written examination of 2 Hours duration.

Assessment of Answer Scripts required to be completed by 72 Hours of completion of the corresponding course’s final examination.