Q. Can I work in Interior design after achieving the B.Arch Degree?

After perusing B.Arch Degree individuals can work in various diversified field. We offer Interior design course. So if anyone have interest on work in Interior Design, he/she can easily built the career on it.

Q. Can I apply for the Admission of having Diploma Degree in Civil Engineering?

Sure, you can apply for the Admission. Please check the Admission Requirements Section on Academics.

Q. What skills need to be a good Architect?

Passion is first key that must be achieved by the graduates to become a successful Architect. They must have devotion on work, society and community.

Q. Can I work at home after completion of B.Arch Degree?

After completion of B.Arch Degree the graduates can involve in Architectural Firms, Individually at home or office, national and international NGO, Government job as well as research.