Faculty Member

Zenat Islam

Departmental In-charge

Bachelor of Architecture, Khulna University

Research Gate: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/346727913_WATER_LOGGING_RISKS_IN_DHAKA_CITY_AN_OVERVIEW_AND_THE_WAY_FORWARD

Researcher ID: http://www.ijesrt.com/issues pdf file/Archive-2018/April-2018/103.pdf


Research and Awards

1. Best Paper Award for the Research Paper “Urban-Informality: Analysing the present scenario of Dhaka city and approaches towards the control and betterment’ 2019 in Colombo- Sri Lanka.

2. Recognition from ARCASIA Forum 20.

3. Best Art Director Award for a short film name “Not Yet Finished” in the Robi Short Film Festival’ 2013.

4. Recognized  Bachelor of Architecture thesis  in “Common Wealth Association of Architects (CAA) conference 2013” in to the heritage panel.